SteamWeeding: Introduction

For information on the advantages and disadvantages of steam vs. flames please see visit the comparison page. For information on physical weeding, especially stale seed beds and thermal weeding in general please see our physical weeding information and thermal weeding pages. Currently our steam and flame weeders are not being marketed in the European Union until we obtain CE certification. To discuss supply options within the EU please contact Merf.

Static direct-fired steam boilers have been used for many years in other industries but this is the first time that they have been designed and built for mobile use in agriculture and horticulture. The advantages of direct-fired steam boilers are they are much simpler, do not use a pressure vessel, so are safer, and are more efficient than the standard boiler designs as no heat is lost up a chimney. Their main use is primarily for weed control but we can custom-build machines to suit your needs. We currently manufacture machines for use in vegetable production and for perennial crops such as vines, top fruit and bush/cane fruit. For more information please see our product and technical pages. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more about direct-fired steam weeders and the advantages of steam over flame weeders.


Technical information

Image of six meter wide direct-fired steam weeder
Six meter wide 1.2 megawatt steam weeder

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